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Stage Mics


K/\M  RT1


RT1: Ribbon Tone 1 Dynamic moving coil stage microphone

RT1  Produces very pleasing vocal reproductions with a tone resembling vintage ribbon mics. Actual ribbon microphones are not suitable for high amplification stage use due to typical figure 8 pickup pattern, which creates feedback problems, and their fragile nature. RT1's moving coil rugged design is suitable to demanding conditions of stage and road use, and its cardioid pickup pattern eliminates feedback issues.


The warm and rich tone of RT1 and its wide frequency response and cardioid pattern make it suitable for a wide variety of stage sound reinforcement applications. Guitar and bass cabinets, variety of acoustic instruments, including drum sets can all be amplified with great results using RT1.

Two layers of internal wind screens with optimal distance between them very effectively eliminate breath noises in vocal applications.  Although the exterior design of this mic is geared for stage use, studio vocal recordings produce very pleasing results as well.

bulletOverall frequency response:  30Hz to 16KHz
bulletPattern: Cardioid 
bulletMax SPL: 136 dB (for 0.5% THD)
bulletSensitivity: -54 dB
bulletImpedance:  288 Ohms
bulletSelf noise <22 dB (A weighted)
bulletInternal Rubber shock mount
bulletComes with mic clip and storage pouch.

MSRP: $76

All specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice.